Listening Deeply

Note: The large gaps between posts recently isn't without reason.  You will see some tiny and some drastic changes coming soon on this site.  In that chasm between writing here, I've been crafting and building up what will soon fill - and expand - the space.  Stay tuned...


The first day of spring.


My husband and I decided to take a long walk through the neighborhood.  Decked out in gloves and winter gear, pushing through a brisk wind, we walked and just listened.  


It certainly doesn't feel like spring here in Indiana, where the temperatures are mirroring what they did during the deep days of winter.  But when I listen, I know the season.

Birds hidden in leafless trees sing songs I haven't heard in months.  The creek underneath the latte-colored stone bridge rushes along, free from its icy confines.  

And within, I hear the calls to stretch, to move, to re-emerge from my reflective cavern.  


Yes, spring is here.  I hear it, I feel it.


Sometimes life seems stuck.  The same job, the same routine, the same relationship troubles, the same thoughts arising day after day.

But if we listen - truly listen - we can hear the change flowing underneath it all.  Chirps of possibilities in every decision, the songs of peaceful flow in every uncertainty.

Can you hear it?