Live Your Messages

With all of this offline reflection, I am growing stronger in my own skin...and beyond it.

I am realizing more and more that my position is to be a leader by example.  (So much thanks to Heather Plett and the How to Lead with you Paint Clothes on workshop...)

I am a Rosa Parks.  I have fewer and fewer desires to be the type of leader who takes the podium, who organizes multi-level action plans to protest, who actively engages in Search Engine Optimization and pursues my target market.

I simply know where I want to sit on the bus and am inching my way there.

I have spoken so much recently of embodiment, of living this life I encourage others to live.  I have had many fears about putting all of this out there - a primary one acknowledging that "my way" is no more right or wrong than another's who am I to encourage my way?  I will expand on that soon (as I've come to what I feel is a peaceful resolution...).  

For now, I cannot encourage you enough to live your messages.  Either get your butt up to the podium or place it firmly on the bus seat.  This doesn't mean trying to convince others (or yourself) that it is your way or the highway.  It doesn't mean you have to be a leader  It simply means that you have waves that are meant to be put into the world.  

You have unique messages and beautiful expressions that are meant to be shared.  Do not be selfish because you are afraid or unsure.  We are all afraid and unsure.  

Speak your mind.  Be ok with changing your mind.  Always be kind.

My words of wisdom for the day.

Once again, I head away from the computer to practice this embodiment, this "living" thing.  As evident by my recent attack on my 1200+ email inbox, I am slowly returning to the computer...and plan to include sharing closer-to-daily again on this site as well.

For today - I wish you happy living.


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