Love Day (Part 1 of today's post)

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Happy Valentines Day!  For those celebrating love in all of its forms, I'm right there with you...throwing pink glittery confetti into the air as we dance with wild smiles amidst fragrant rose petals.  Champagne, red wine, non-alcoholic bubblies and delectable chocolates included.

No deep thoughts today on the meanings of love, the flow of it, or the expression thereof ...though I'm longing to delve into that topic. (And will within the next couple of days!)  Instead, I have a two part post with very exciting news! (Part I appears here.  Part II will appear as a second post right below this entry.)


I'm joining a party - and you are welcome to come too!

Connie at Dirty Footprints Studio is celebrating a big event - the anniversary of her very first online workshop (Art Journal Love Letters).  It was this workshop that celebrated a start to a journey that has taken her - and all of us who journey with her - places we've never imagined we'd be in just 12 short months.  Learn more at her blog post here.

In honor of this and all the lovin' going around, Connie has invited each of YOU (yep, you) to join in the party.   

Share the link love and be entered to win one of SEVERAL FABULOUS prizes!!  

Get all of the details on how to enter HERE (

And (I'm so excited about this) - one of those FAB-u-LOUS prizes you can win was donated by moi!



(11" x 14", approx .5" depth:  Acrylic paints on gallery-wrapped canvas) 


AND you can win a space in the upcoming 21 Secrets Workshop!  Or a space in some other AMAZING workshops!  Or other art, or a journal, or....EEEEE!  So many other things donated by the FABULOUS artists taking part... EEE!  

Again, to enter and get all of the details, go HERE.


I thought I'd share some love with all of you as well, journal style....with a twist.  I've started a new journal...words mixed with some awesome art.  Wanna know what it is about??

CONTINUE TO PART II. (In other words, scroll down to the next post.  Yeah, I know...fancy.)


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