Love Means We Are Not Alone

I am so deeply grateful for all who have contributed dollars and stories towards our Out of the Darkness walk tomorrow.  So far, we have blown out of the water my sister's original goal of $500! (See our story HERE)

We are only $175 short of our final goal!  Anything helps...

Also, remember that a donation counts as an entry to win this painting:

Faith and Love, 11x14 on wrapped canvas, Acrylic

Only ONE day left!

You can donate HERE

(don't forget to leave an email address so I can contact you)

I tear up even writing this post as I think of all who have contacted me with stories of their own suffering, of a loved one's suffering that has led to suicide.  My dad was not alone.  We are not alone in our suffering.  You are not alone.

Regardless of what money is raised, what awareness is spread....please remember that.

You are never alone.



Since returning from Total Alignment, I've been painting every day.  I'm doing this whether I "feel like it" or not.  It is an investment of my time and materials into my Self - the larger Self that calls to be recognized regardless of what is on my to-do list. 

Love (Me), 12x12 on 246 lb paper, acylic

Love is such a beautiful, if not over-used, word and concept.  Universal love, pure, radiant, peace-bringing light.  Yet to every concept, there is its shadow side.  When love is confined to the ego, used as a defining tool for a small self that doesn't truly exist, it becomes dark.  When we cry, "love Me"! we distance ourselves from the universal love that already - and always - exists.  

Love (Me) started off with an urge to use the word "love" in a painting, but the resistance to doing so.  When the "M" was allowed into the picture, I simply couldn't wait to get the idea onto paper.  Layers of color (cooler on purpose) were applied to the background with soft defining edges added later.  The letters were applied last, bringing to life the image and story that needed to be shared. 


You, Me ...we are never alone.  And when we open to the greater love, the breath that connects us all, we truly understand this.



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