Make The Possible, Probable

I've never felt this healthy before

I've never wanted something rational

I am aware now

I am aware now

-Alanis Morissette, Head Over Feet


Three days a week, both kids are off to school.

Suddenly, there is an extra ingredient of time added to the mix of probability.


Ah...and this realm of is a magical realm.  Everything is possible.  Some things are just more probable.

Moving something from the realm of possible to probable sometimes takes nothing more than scientific invention.  (Flight might have been considered possible before.  Now, with a few hundred dollars and the willingness to go through an airport scan, it is quite probable.)

Sometimes, it takes strong desire.  (Have you ever wanted something so strongly that desire fueled the transformation from nearly impossible to highly probable - or even actualized?)

Sometimes, it takes unwavering action.  (As it is on many of our minds, think of the actions of the firefighters and first responders to Ground Zero.  In the midst of sheer destruction, seemingly overwhelming odds, they simply kept acting.  A few gems of miraculous survival stories become actualized because of their steadfast action.)


Sometimes, it is simply awareness that all things are possible and faith that what is possible can become probable...and what is probable is likely to occur.

Within this awareness and faith, we rest and act in the here and now.  We know that what is manifesting is because of the faith we had before this now.  We know that what will likely be (what is probable) will be created through what we believe right now.

For me, several years of creating awareness - studying and practicing and embodying health (sometimes more successfully than other times), wellbeing, wholeness - have culminated in this here and now.

Today, a new world opens.

Today, something is different for you.  For me, it is that I have "alone time" - something that has been a luxury over the past 7 years.  For you, it could be additional time....or simply the awareness that whatever you want to be is possible.

What we do with this difference is up to us.  How we feel about it, the faith we have in the beauty of this change (whether we like it or not), the actions we take that are rooted in that faith will make what is simply possible today very probable tomorrow.


Awareness becomes thoughts become probability become action become the way the world is.


I invite you to consider what is possible.  Make it as personal and specific as possible.  Make it probable.





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