Metamorphosis in
watercolor paints - my new obsession
face turned towards the sky
feet fiercely kissing the earth
she exhales every drop of what she no longer needs
and releasing
a bit more beyond comfort
then purposefully inhales
o p e n i n g
This is my yoga, my life.  Breath after breath.
Allowing the decluttering to continue.
Releasing the martini glasses and the faux parties I dream of having, the vinyl records and the belief that he is contained within those, the KitchenAid and the feelings that health is contained within it.
and releasing the ensuing guilt and desires to buy newer, better martini glasses and the gut-wrenching fears that the next shoe is about to drop.
pure awareness of my soft belly that rolls over my pants top and noisy, precious children and my own judgments & hypocrocies that pepper my days.
I am transforming.


p.s. for some reason, the formatting is not working correctly on this post - I apologize if it is difficult to read. I hold this in my awareness too.

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