My Birthday Practice

For many years, I treated my birthday morning as an excuse to escape.

To sleep in, do nothing, check out.

This morning, I got up at 6:40 am and ran.  A leisurely jog, in the dark, a slight drizzle.  It was blissful.

Both choices are perfectly fine.  Neither really makes me a better or worse person.  But if there is truth to "how we do one thing is how we do all things", then the waking hours of my birthday DO matter.  As will the waking hours tomorrow, and the day after.


As I ran, I was creating stories in my head (as I am prone to do).  Personal stories of how I was physically feeling, spiritual stories of the run, stories of beautiful words of wisdom and how I would put that into blog form.  

Every time I was scripting the story in my head, I was missing a step.  A story was being written, but not lived.

I wanted to have some big, beautiful list of goals for this year.  Intentions that would guide me along the path.  And who knows...maybe today I'll find time to write one.  But that is another to do.  More words loaded with expectations and intentions.  More stories.

Instead, after the run, I sat down on the driveway, threw my legs out in front of me, and tossed my head back to open to the sky.  A few drops of rain, birds, the kids clomping around inside the house behind me, the cement under my fingers. 

Today, I choose to celebrate my birthday by not checking out.  By being here.  

By living the experience.

And you know what?  

Doesn't sound like a bad practice for tomorrow either.



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