My Local Debut and Revealing An Awareness Artist

The Story.

It started simply enough.  A question from my hubby, “Why don’t you donate a painting?”.

It had far more reaching effects than he could have ever imagined.

For the past few weeks, I have been creating a painting to donate to Kroger (our grocery chain and my husband’s employer).  They will be using it to collect funds for Hoosiers Outrun Cancer (see more on this event here).  Customers will be able to make a donation and thus enter to win the painting.

The painting will be displayed at the front of the store on a small table, alongside two fliers: One detailing the entry process and the other, a flier about the painting and about the artist.

About the artist.

About the artist.

I am in awe seeing my name, the name that I have carried with me, that has deeply defined me, that will follow, “You can win this painting by local artist….”


That this painting will “only” be displayed in a grocery store is not something on which I choose to focus.  That hundreds of people will see it, if only in a passing glance, deeply excites me.  I have already had compliments from the employees as well as the delicious conversation started, issued by an acquaintance, “I didn’t know you were an artist….!”.

That I am moving with every fear I have, alongside every doubt and simply putting the "real me" out there is enlivening beyond words.

I am thrilled that my first public venture not only benefits me but also a local charity.  The beginning of this journey has started with something that makes my soul smile.


What has come of just the little question, why don’t you donate a painting?


  • I have spent hours creating a painting that makes me smile – because of the outcome and the story it tells.


  • I have spent many more hours, inspired by the process of that painting, creating other art.


  • I have overcome a big fear - one that would remain unknown unless I shared it.  The little "eye" in the top right corner (see painting below) terrified me.  I didn't want the painting to seem to ethereal, too mystical.  When I included it, I found not only the story (and the title!) of the painting but a story that gushed out of me...that had been held in for far too long.  I got out of my own way and delighted in the beauty that rushed through.


  • I have invested in business cards that officially declare me an Awareness Artist (to be displayed on the table at Kroger).


  • I have spent countless days reflecting upon and defining myself, honing in on exactly who an Awareness Artist is and what she does.


  • I have updated this website with a gallery of my art.  (For now, only the art on canvas appears.  I will be adding those done on paper, such as the watercolor works, as well as art journal work.  This is my first attempt with the gallery tool...please let me know what you think!)  I am most excited not about the pieces, but being able to share the stories behind them...the reasons for the art.


 Simply put, I feel alive.


I cannot describe how exhilarating, yet how peaceful it feels to not only know who I am, but to publicly share it with others.  To announce myself through a painting, to open the door to the world of Awareness Arts.  I am thrilled to use tools such as yoga, meditation, creative expression, even re-learning how to do the dishes or eat breakfast…thrilled to do these in my own life, to share the journey, to teach the practice.

I am aware now what I am called to do.

I fully appreciate and acknowledge the support every one of you dear online friends has given me through this journey.  Without your comments, I would not have had the courage to even attempt this

Because of you, I am expanding, deepening, offering myself to people who would not have otherwise known of the awareness artist lurking in their neighborhood.


The Art



18x18 on wrapped canvas


(as it appears on the flier)

iChange is a celebration of the nature of change, around and within us.  Through seasons, through emotions, through and our understanding of it is constantly shifting.

The sun / "eye" maintains an influential but non-judgmental position...just as we can practice a peaceful, non-judging awareness amidst the tides of emotions and tumultuous life events.

"i" - the individual - constantly changes.  The larger self - the awareness - remains blissfully ever-present.  This painting is a reminder to celebrate changes while maintaining a gentle smile in our core and an open awareness of all life has to offer.

The Artist

(as it appears on the flier)

As an Awareness Artist, I practice and promote mindful awareness of what it means to be alive.  I believe we are here to experience life - my art is an expression of that experience.  I practice by using tools such as yoga, paint, meditation, movement...even the laundry!  For me, the most important part of the practice of awareness is the infusion through everyday life.  What we gain in meditation, on the yoga mat, during vacation time, etc. must be carried through the rest of life...while waiting in line at the grocery or in traffic, doing the dishes, and interacting with others.

Also a registered yoga teacher, I am very interested in body/breath awareness.  I frequently incorporate movement (such as dancing!) while painting.  In addition, I've challenged myself to complete a half marathon and triathlon and discovered even more wisdom through the process!  I love playing with body awareness and expressing it through a long bike ride or a colorful painting.

Both my husband and I are IU grads.  We returned to Bloomington nearly 7 years after graduation, drawn back by the fascinating diversity and ample opportunities that Bloomington provides.  We feel blessed to be raising our two young children in such an environment.

I write frequently, as well as post other art available for viewing, at  Please stop by and let me know you were there!

(I'm 100% sure you, dear reader, already knew that last part.)


My heart is beating so fully right now, exploding with gratitude, quickening with the thought of possibilities.

For your role in this...I cannot thank you enough.





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