New Classes!

I am SO excited to finally share with you the results of many, many hours of behind-the-scenes work.

If you look up and over on the tabs on the top of this page, you'll see a new "Classes" tab.  And, if you click on that, you'll see TWO NEW CLASSES!


Join me for a 6-week journey into the exciting world of Encaustic Art!

(Encaustic Art = beeswax + pigment + creativity!) 

Not only will we start from the VERY beginning - guiding you through everything you need to know to get started with encaustic arts - but we will also be exploring SELF AWARENESS techniques to make sure that your art is TRULY YOUR OWN.

This class is for the creative beginner.

No idea where to start?  No problem!  Always curious about new ways to express yourself artistically?  Perfect. 

I am LIMITING CLASS SIZE TO 20 PARTICIPANTS in order to ensure individualized attention.  If you have any excitement about this, I encourage you to sign up early!!  Encaustic arts are regaining in popularity (for good reason).  Take this opportunity to learn NOW why this art form is so freakin' fabulous!!

You'll get access to:


  • A private course page


  • Tutorial videos with step-by-step guidance on materials, setting up your studio, and the encaustic process


  • Weekly emails chock full of information and valuable tips (those "been-there, done-that" kind)...including how to save money on materials, how to shop for encaustic supplies, and exciting techniques to try!


  • A closed Facebook group for priceless community interaction and support


  • Flickr group for sharing your creative work


  • A meditation (or 2) plus self-awareness techniques for awakening your creative spirit


  • BONUS: (JUST ADDED)  A LIVE video-teleconference where I'll demonstrate an encaustic piece...and you can ask questions in the chat room!




You won't find this type of in-depth information, honest advice, community, and personal attention in any other encaustic journey.

Are you more of a visual person?  (Me too.)

Check out these videos about the course!

 For those wanting to see me...

For those wanting to see the art...

You can learn more by visiting 


register now.


Encaustic Arts aren't for you?

I'm not done yet!!

Stay tuned for yet ANOTHER CLASS coming out in AUGUST 2012.


Awareness Arts will be a BY DONATION, SELF-PACED class.  We'll explore this LIVED ART, bringing mindfulness and creativity into your life while still getting the bills paid and the dishes done.


Me too!!


You can also visit  to check out more information, or subscribe to the LifeUnity Newsletter to be the FIRST to know when registration opens!