New Encaustic Art: Full Moon

A few nights ago, our family walked across the street to a get-together at our neighbor's house.  After this cold weather we'd been having, it was my first time outside in the evening in several days.

Immediately, the silky blueish white light that was reflecting off of the snow caught my eye.  I followed it to its source, up to the moon.

I simply stood for many seconds in its energy.

It must have been that experience that preempted my decision to pick up the round piece of wood and move straight into my first encaustic* piece that I've done in months.  

*For those not familiar with encaustic, it is a process of painting with melted beeswax and pigments.

I couldn't NOT express those few moments of quiet, sacred experience.

Here is the result, an ~4 1/2" x 4 1/2" encaustic circle titled, Full Moon:


It is nearly an inch deep, and the side has been painted with layers of stucco-textured and acrylic paints, as well as a bit of glitter.  It is meant to represent the cosmos in which the moon resides.


When was the last time you soaked in communion with the moon?

Do you have a favorite moment when the light of the moon stopped you in your tracks?  Let me know!

We are under the same moon, and I love thinking about your experience and mine enlivening both of us across distance and time.