Nothing More Than A Story (A $250 Value Giveaway!)

"You are the sky.  Everything else - it's just the weather"

~Pema Chodron


Nothing More Than A Story, 12"x12", Encaustic, oil, mixed media on cradled panel

This encaustic (beeswax+damar resin+pigment) mixed media painting by moi, valued at $250, can be yours for FREE.  (Not a print - the ACTUAL painting!)

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Nothing More Than A Story originated from inspiration by the Pema Chodron quote.  

It is comprised of SEVERAL layers of stories - each one inscribed into the wax and then layered over.  There is a translucent beauty and sensual texture that beckons you into the piece...

Displaying this painting in your home will remind you that the emotions you are feeling, the drama you are caught up in, the headache-causing is all a story.  

And the beautiful thing about stories is that we can step outside of them.  

We can become the sky, breathe into the openness of our true being, and act through the stories from this place of peaceful awareness.

Vague words are visible on the tree, the figure, the grass, even in the clouds....let them whisper to you what you need to hear.  And then release them - let the wind carry them back to through the sky.


Nothing More Than A Story was done on a cradled panel and comes ready to hang or display on an easel.


How To WIN:

I am giving this painting away (!) as part of a large blog party for a very dear friend.  Kathy at Bliss Habits is hosting a Blogversary-apooloza with several guest contributors and over $1500 in giveaways.

You can enter to win this painting by visiting Bliss Habits and leaving a comment on my guest post.

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(There are also ways to gain a few additional entries: See the guest post for more information!!)



If you have any questions about the painting or the giveaway, please contact me! (lifeunity at gmail dot com)

The giveaway will close on June 3rd - but I recommend going and entering NOW so you don't forget!!