My 13-week guest post series, The Magic of the Mundane, continues over at Bliss Habits.

This week, the habit is NOURISHMENT ... and I had SO much fun contemplating this.  In fact, I decided to delve into a bit of creative play to explore nourishing myself...

First, a few important notes:

  • You can DOWNLOAD this art as a desktop wallpaper to remind you to NOURISH YOURSELF each time you turn on the computer.

To download the image:

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Nourish Yourself: 1920 x 1100

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To nourish one's self is to survive in a holistic way - caring for body, mind, and spirit.  As I was writing, "The Intersection of Survival + Indulgence", I realized I was in need of this holistic self-care.  And I knew just what I needed in order to do that....

Out came the watercolor paper and some random colors.  A Sharpie marker here, some blended paints there...and it was almost done.

I had felt the URGE to sew (yeah - I celebrate my weirdness with that statement).  How that was going to fit into this piece, I had no idea.

But since the entire process was about NOURISHMENT, I decided to go ahead and incorporate exactly what would nourish me into the piece.

Several hand-stitched lines later, and NOURISH YOURSELF emerged.

I hope that you make the time today to do what nourishes you.