One Word: Why Do You Practice?

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Readers of my old blog might remember I started a few posts inviting everyone to leave a one word comment on the topic of the post.  I truly enjoyed reading all of the comments left.  I think it gave those who want to leave a comment but don't have time to write all they are feeling a nice break.  For those who want to get a little creative, it is more of a challenge.  It also got me thinking about the topic throughout the I figured I'd bring these posts back to life!


I've been reflecting a lot recently on yoga and on my own personal practice.  (For those who do not practice yoga, don't worry: You don't have to know anything about it to participate in this post!)

There are many different types of yoga, many ways to practice it, many goals to pursue through its practice.  As with any other practice in life, it is important to maintain awareness of the reason for your practice...even if that reason changes from day to day.  Knowing why you come to the mat or the meditation cushion or your breath or your thoughts that day helps to align your actions with your intentions - causing a powerful creative force.  Finding strength, ease, or even enlightenment is more likely when the body, mind, and "other" are in alignment.

Today, I invite you to think of something specific that you practice.  Whether it is yoga, a craft or art, parenting, a job-related skill, mindfulness, or ...?... doesn't matter.  Think of a practice you want to strengthen, that "brings you to life" in some way.  You don't have to share the practice in the comments - just have it in mind.

Now think about why you practice it.  Give the first instinctual answer, or go deep and try to tap into inner "why" that keeps the fire burning for the practice.  (If you do the former, I invite you to keep reflecting on this throughout the day.)

One word: Why do you do this practice?

(I'll start with mine - the practice being yoga.  The reason?  Awareness.) 


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