Oops. What I Meant To Say Was...


Img Credit: Flickr Creative Commons: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bradmontgomery/5992214519/


I admit it : Even I am a bit confused after reading the last post.  

And I wrote the dang thing.


(And yes, I note the irony - it being a post on "how to say what needs to be said".  What can I say - I'm a humorous gal.)

Sometimes my mind gets to thinking and it just won't stop.  And sometimes, those thoughts wind up in words on my blog.  I don't have a professional editor on staff, so those wordy posts don't get nicely trimmed.  What sounds meaningful at 11 p.m. at night as I hit the "save" button doesn't necessarily sound as powerful the next day.


I have a lot I want to say about language, how we need to break free of what we think we know, how important it is to think and chat about topics such as awareness and non-judgment.  


But, as the last post indicated somewhere amidst all of those words, language can be a barrier to sharing our ideas.  


Instead of trying to squeeze out even more words in an attempt to write the "part 2", I'm just calling it quits with that thought train.


There's no need to add to the incessant noise of the internet if I have nothing meaningful to say...or, I guess, a meaningful way in which to say it.


I apologize if you were waiting for a big follow up to the last post, or some life-changing answers.  They are there somewhere, written in my journals, recorded on my voice recorder, swimming wordlessly in the experiences of my life.  They just aren't spelled out here.  Yet.


Instead, I close my lips, crack a slight smile, and place my hands together in my lap.  I'll meet your gaze- across distance, across time, over this computer screen - and allow us to just sit in silent contemplation.


Together we'll learn more than I ever could have expressed in a blog post.