Opportunities for Experience

In the past few days, I have (among other things):


  • Celebrated the last day of my son's 1st grade year with balloons, cream-cheese covered brownies, and a mommy-son night.



  • Visited an antiques mall - twice.  The second time was per my son's request.  (And we'll be going again today.)  Yes, my SON's request.




  • Continued training for the triathlon - running solely on the treadmill because of the heat and enjoying swims in the YMCA pool.  (Hope to get on the bike some this weekend)  


  • Painted my entire living room a cheery yellow to discard the rich-but-too-moody deep red.


  •  Taken my daughter to her first dance lesson.


  • During said dance lesson, I took a ballet lesson.  (BALLET!  I did dance class once maybe when I was 4, but certainly not since then.  An enthusiastic woman at my daughter's class invited all adults who wanted to join this very-beginners class were welcome - so I figured, why not?!  A class of 3 adults, the teacher was amazing...and I have now committed to attend each Wednesday.)


  • Finished 2 paintings on canvas, both of which I love.


  • Let my inbox continue to grow and the posts become fewer as I move away from the computer temporarily.  (temporarily...)


Life is a fascinating journey of opportunities and experiences.  We can choose, every moment, what we want to experience and how we want to experience it.  

It is not in our best interest to always pursue momentary comfort (honestly).  The difficult times, the challenging times, the tears - they all bring a richness to life that could otherwise not be understood.

I was scared to death walking into a ballet class and plodding up the bar.  (barre?  I dunno.)  But I had an amazingly freeing experience and now get to celebrate movement in another way.

I am SO sore - physically and mentally - from a day of painting and moving furniture and keeping my son away from dipping himself in the paint.  If I would have thought too much about what was going into it I guarantee I would have passed it up.  But because I just moved and followed my instinct, I now have a smile on my face every time the newly-freed light bounces off the walls and onto my cheeks.

It is this I want to offer to you today.  The offer to experience your life.  You may have to-do's but you get to choose how you experience them.  Notice the opportunities that arise to deeply experience your life, whether it is through a new class, a new color, or a new attitude.

As for us?  We're headed back to the antiques mall.



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