Oracle Cards: Breath Awareness

I mentioned yesterday the exciting collaborative project I've been working on with 39 other artists - the Fearless Sister Oracle Deck + Booklet.

(Read more about it here.)

Today, I wanted to share the final image that I've submitted for my word(s), "Breath Awareness".

(I'm in progress of writing up the guidance for the card, which will be included in the accompanying booklet.)  I thought it would be interesting to share the "behind the scenes" work that goes into something like this.  Countless hours of work and revisions, contemplations and beginning again and again.

The original was done on unstretched, 12"x18" canvas with acrylic paints. 

Note: Each of the photos were quick snapshots with my phone, so are not in great condition.  (They were primarily so I could study the painting while I was away from it.)


And the final image:

 The entire process was one of staying dedicated to awareness, to listening....and then having the strength to follow through.

You'll notice many images that appeared (which took quite awhile to paint) - and then later, were painted over.


It can be insanely frustrating to spend so much effort building something, only to feel called later to let it go.  And yet, in clinging to what was, the piece would have stayed fixed...and, in many ways, died.

So day after day, I'd paint, step back and contemplate, and then paint some more.  

Throughout all of this was woven the intentions of awakening myself and others through Breath Awareness.  What would this feel like?  What would it look like?  How could this image both absorb the viewer's tensions and provoke a deeper sense of well-being, of ease, of full breath?

My hope is that when this image on the card is held in the hands, along with guidance from the the printed words in the booklet, the recipient surrenders simply to What Is.  Letting go of what is no longer needed, coming into flow with the breath, seeing life from a broader awareness, s/he is free to creatively engage in a life unencumbered by clinging, avoidance, and ignorance.

(Reminder: You can purchase the cards and booklet at the pre-sale price ($19.95) until tomorrow, Oct. 4th.  Email me to get on the list.  As of the time of writing, I have only 12 10 left for pre-sale.)


UPDATE 10/10/2013: Although the pre-sale is now over, you can still purchase the deck at $29.95 - and you can now do so through my new Etsy shop!  I have 8 left for pre-sale at this time.  Please email me if you have any questions!