Our Video

I stumbled across this (I believe at Elephant Journal) this morning.  Almost immediately, the grudges of the morning fell away.

It is more than worth your 5 minutes to watch this.

And to examine the feelings you get when you watch this.

Regardless of what stories you have collected since this age, regardless of what resentments and horrors and pains and anger you have experienced, 

we are all this being

at our beginning - and we remain this being

at our core.

Can we open ourselves beyond the fears of attack and experience life in such a trusting way?

Can we, like the caregiver in the video, touch all things with such an awareness?


Can you, just for today, see in EVERY being with whom you interact this gentle, little child who exists beyond whatever they choose to express to you?

Can you, just for today, see this being in yourself?