Plans Or Not

We had plans.

It was going to be a busy Saturday.  Fall festivals, programs, places to go, people to see.


But I slept in.  And the weather?  Rainy (therefore making many of our outdoor activities challenging, to say the least).  Bad moods came and went.  The dog peed on the floor.


We could've fought to keep our plans.  I could have rushed to get ready.  We could have packed our umbrellas.


One by one, we each found our own way.  

I started laundry, poured my chai, and pulled out my paints.

My husband started popcorn, cleaned the carpets, and pulled out his book.

My daughter pulled out her markers.

My son pulled out the clay.

Each of us, now peacefully creating.


Our days don't always go this way.  More often, we are rushing to keep plans.


But the more that the days flow with what arises instead of what we expected to occur, the more I realize how many more days I want to go this way.  Sometimes plans are kept, sometimes they are altered.

I feel blessed by the opportunity to choose.