Presence Within The Push


He'd completed 2 half marathons and a triathlon.  But he'd not worked out in months...and even now, a long stroll around the neighborhood was not an easy outing.

But this morning, he put on his shoes and headed out in 25 degree weather.  We walked together.  Twenty minutes, out and back.

It was his challenge.  

His beginning again.  

We all begin again, every single minute.  And I am beginning to feel that there is a lot more to these beginnings than we choose to acknowledge.

Whether it is beginning to walk, to run, to breathe, to paint, to eat, to sleep, to awaken, to pause....

There is the comfort of knowing.

There is the discomfort of not knowing.  

And then there is the middle way, the integration of the two.  There is a way of finding comfort with discomfort - a presence within the push.  There is wonder, curiosity, passion, exploration, fresh experience  To be fully with every new step - whether that is outside in 20 degree weather as the body awakens muscles not used in months, or whether that is releasing the jaw and angry thoughts about your situation and trying on a bit of space.

Today, I invite you into this way of walking and waking in the world.  Awaken to this moment - JUST this moment - and realize (as terrifying as it might be) that it is new.  Every moment, new.

Every thought, new.  This inhale, new.  This exhale, new.  Release, experience, repeat.