Re-Membering: 3 Perspectives

Perspective #1 

I feel connected this morning.  Deeply connected to those who call themselves "American", who collectively feel the heaviness in our hearts this morning.  I hear tributes from the t.v. in the other room.  I saw photos as I turned on the computer this morning. 

I feel so blessed to be free this morning.

In a way, I'm fortunate to not have known anyone personally who died in the attacks.  That is a tiny way, though, because none of us are fortunate.  We knew those people.  They are those who woke up, planning their upcoming weekend, perhaps dreading their day at work, putting in the crockpot the dinner that they would never eat.  They are men, women, children...they are American.

And yet...

Perspective #2

Everytime there is an "us" there is a "them".  Today, there is a silence that remains within me even amidst the noise of my day.  I do not want to add any thoughts in there of celebrating us, how we are stronger because of this, how we will "overcome".  When I do this, there is "them" I am ignoring.  Someone, some groups of human individuals that I am ignoring in my celebrations and my blessings.

I remain in silent awareness that collectively we are.  We are.  WE are.

And yet...

Perspective #3

I ran this morning.  I passed a gentleman wearing a head wrap (I'm not sure if it is offically called a turban).  We made eye contact and I could see the hesitation in his eyes.  I smiled, greeted him, and he warmly smiled back.

I ran on.

I am all, I am everything.  That moment might have meant more this morning, or perhaps it didn't.  Because every smile shared and every smile not made makes a difference, has a meaning.

And I am the only one who can smile.  I am the only one who chooses what I do today on 9/11.  I am the only one who decides what I do on 9/12, 9/13....each thought, each bit of information I hold in awareness.  Each word I choose to allow to pass my lips, every action.


And when I decide whether to celebrate being an American, being a We, or simply being I...whether I stay in silence or shout in the streets...whether I smile or pass without acknowledgement, every single mundane action makes a difference in our lives.  Not just my life - our lives.



I choose on this day of heightened awareness to encourage us to remember.  To re-member: to bring the members of our society, our culture, our creation back together.  To re-member: to bring the parts of our body, our thoughts, our breath back together.  Acknowledge the parts, the emotions, the memories and pains, the aches, the joys, the births and deaths.  Hold in your awareness the beauty of it all.  Do not grasp - let it flow.

Deeply, today....imagine I am holding your hands and looking into your eyes as I share with YOU: 


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