Red Light

(Thanks for staying with me as I disappeared from the computer for the long weekend!)


8x12, acrylic on paper

You've made it this far and a congratulations is due.

Sitting at the red light, the road behind you well traveled.  Certainly unexpected, but you made it here.

And now, you sit.

Here at this red light, waiting, waiting, waiting...getting impatient.  Can't quite see the road ahead but knowing that there is so much more to be seen.  No one else around, it seems....have you made a wrong turn?  

If no one else is on this road, perhaps you should turn back...

The red light stares back.

Anxiety starts to set in.  You want to be somewhere, anywhere but here.  But you can't go.  You just can't.

You close your eyes, breathe, feel the steering wheel in your hand, the wind blowing through the open window.

You open your eyes and hear a sound you haven't heard before.  It is a silence - at first, uncomfortable, but then quite a welcoming change from all of the noise you've travelled through.

And in that silence, you notice - someone sitting in a car behind you.  

You are not alone.

This someone has been patiently smiling since the time you pulled up to this red light, waiting, waiting with you.

But in the silence, you can hear this someone gently whispering,


as if the breeze itself were whispering it to you.

For that person sees that the red light ahead of you is blinking.  That it was a warning, an invitation to pause, reflect, listen, observe.  It did not indicate you were supposed to stay here, doing what you were doing, worrying as you were.

You have learned all you can sitting in this place.

So now, go.  Turn, drive straight, observe, breathe, and trust.  Do not fear that no one else seems to be  on this path. 

We may be elsewhere, but we need you to travel this path.  To tell us what is out there.  To observe it, live it, share it.  The whispering wind will never leave you alone.






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