Remembering Calm

I've finally finished the third image in the emerging series of "women-feeling-the-world".  

(You can see the first image, and an explanation behind this series, HERE and the second image HERE.)


As with the second one, I only took one photo of the work in progress.  This photo is of the painted canvas that had sat around for months.

I had done this background with the intentions of a very soft, flowing energy.  I liked (and still do), the movement of the piece...the gentle colors and flow.  However, as much as there was movement, it felt quite random.


I went through several layers of softening and re-drawing the spiraling energy of the background before adding the final figure.  I'd known before starting what she'd be doing....and that this particular canvas just called for her to sit within in.


The final image:


Remembering Calm, 12" x 12", acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas



All around, noise.


Noises that seem to enfold within themselves, noises that 

become indistinguishable from one another.


Noise in the household, on the street, the children yelling,

the phone occasionally buzzing,

the hum of the computer screen.


Noise in her head, the to-do list, the 


the thoughts pulled by the aches in her body,

the wondering - did I reply to that email?

I need to go reply....


And within the noise, she is.


She closes her eyes, 

feels her breath on the tip

of her nose.

She does not fight the noise, rather,

enters a dance and lets it 

flow through her.

No attachment, no aversions.


She begins to sway 

with the beats of these sounds

finding a peaceful 






And when she reopens her eyes

and re-enters the world

where she creates new noises

and responds to other noises

She remembers the calm,

the silence

within the noise.