Right Now

I share my lessons from where I learn them.

So many changes.

A sister and sister-in-law bringing new life to this world very soon.

A hair cut that ages her years in only a few seconds of snips.

First lost tooth.

Graduating to a booster seat (no more bulky car seats for us)!

I take more and more pictures these days.  Because while I celebrate my children getting older, I know these times are precious.  I know that the camera I hold will not stop time, but it reminds me to be more mindful of these passing, priceless moments.

I know that a trip to the playground may mean I don't get a post written or a call done.  I often think of that someday when the kids are off at school and I have time alone.

But I also know that someday will come all too soon.

So I practice, I re-mind myself again and again,

through my camera or just through my breath,

that right now is the only time there is - and thus, the only time that matters.



Lisa Wilson5 Comments