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So what of my life?  Primarily my days are dipped in between cool and scalding moments of awareness as I swing between being mindful of Japan and their realities and my house and our own realities.

There are the delicious practicalities amidst it all, of course.

Like 21 Secrets.  Have you signed up yet?  I have seriously put more into this class (YOGA+ART) - for whatever reason - than I have into anything else.  

8 videos - yoga and art, 19 pages (thus far) of downloadable PDF...associating balance and foundation and more into LIFE.  (and that's just my class!)

I am SO excited.  (And honestly?  We are all getting set up over at the NING site and there is some AMAZING stuff over there.  Amazing.)

Go HERE to watch my trailer video for the class.

Go HERE to Register!

*** the Wine And Canvas event I attended here in Bloomington on Monday night.  (Check out for more information...this is a fascinating business!  I'm looking forward to attending...and maybe hosting?...another event soon.)  I was fortunate enough to win 2 spots so I could bring along a friend (Cheryl) to enjoy the experience with me.  And enjoy we did!



It was amazing being able to have "adult girl time" with a friend.  And the painting process, led by Gregg Potter (a local artist - see his website at was amazing.  I wound up with a painting I am proud to call mine (see below).

But most importantly, I learned that I am finally comfortable with the process.  So many people seemed almost afraid during the class, unsure if they were doing it "right".  While the "goal" certainly could have been considered a painting that looked similar to the example painting, I swam in the delight of making the painting my own.  I still get a bit giddy inside knowing that every paint stroke I made was infused with that vitality, that awareness that I was flowing myself into the painting.  And that while doing that, while feeling alive, I created THIS.

Cheers to Cheryl!  (Be sure to visit her blog - and congratulate her on becoming a new youthful grandma - at!)


Stepping back even further in time, I also wanted to share the large canvas painting I completed for DEEP - a painting whose intent was to capture "How It Feels To Be Me".  (I showed part of this painting in a earlier post on discipline.)

I knew I wanted it to feel blended, impermanent, a myriad of colors and ....well, just a myriad.

The figure and the radiating chakra colors are my sense of re-aligning with myself.  

I am a very logical person and yet I feel a deep connection to something "other", something "more" or "else".  I am just re-opening to accepting that I like unicorns and fairies and energy and all of that woo-woo stuff.  I feel that I am "sitting" (meditating) with it, softly smiling, allowing who I am to radiate out into the world.


The lavender in the painting arose after the image would not leave my mind.  (In the Fearless Painting process we've learned to trust that!)  

I've often felt my most free when imagining running - arms spread wide and feet barely gracing the earth - through a field of waist-high soft grasses.  The scent of lavender overwhelmed me as I thought of that this time (and it still tickles my nose right now).



Finally, the phrase at the bottom, "Out Beyond" is in reference to one of my favorite Rumi poems.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing

there is a field.  I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,

the world is too full to talk about.

Ideas, language, even the phrase each other

doesn't make any sense.

Perhaps this is the field where I run, where I rest, where I long to live with others who frolic as easily in it as I do.

There are many other symbols painted into the background and throughout, but it is a depth that will remain within the threads of the canvas and my mind.


So this is where I've been.  This is where I am, swimming in a sea of awareness and not quite sure where I'm headed.

How about you?  

(Leave a comment...really - I'd like to know I'm not alone in all of this.)




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