Seeing Through



Seeing Through, 12" x 12", Encaustic and mixed media on wood panel



She playfully skips through the darkness, and beckons

“Come, follow me”

And through the veil

that has lightened

if only for now

You see her.

The wind of her rushing past

billows the veil

And sends a chill to your heart

But you have no choice but to follow

because in

her voice

You hear your own.



This was created to invite the viewer - you - into your own darkness.  As Halloween rolls around, we often revel in exploring those areas that we usually fear.  We giggle, dress up, throw parties... and between it all, in the silence, often feel the slight call to acknowledge what is hiding in the shadows.  But any time of year, the veil can be lifted...she always calls to us.

This piece will be included in - and for sale at - the Penumbra Halloween Art Show in Athens, GA.  If you are nearby, please check it just don't do encaustic work justice.

127 N. Jackson St, Athens, GA - reception this Friday (October 25th) and show is open through Halloween!!  Created and Hosted by a dear friend, Jennifer Bond Schildknecht and Timothy Schildknect of Over The Moon Creative Possibilities.


Any questions about the piece?  Contact Me