Self Centering with Sadie Nardini

Last night I was fortunate enough to take a 3-hour workshop with Sadie Nardini at Cityoga.

I also happen to be taking Sadie's teacher training (for registered teachers) to become certified in Core Strength Vinyasa.  The workshop confirmed this, but I have no doubts that this study will strengthen my own practice and my ability to share this practice with others.


Me with two of my three "official" teachers - Nikki Myers (one of my original teachers for my 200-hr training at Cityoga) and Sadie Nardini.  This was taken AFTER the workshop...hence all of the lovely glistening. :)

Last night's workshop was titled "Self-Centered Vinyasa Flow"...and I am still trying to process it all.  A mix of asana and discussion, I left dripping in sweat and - as happens with deep yoga - transformed.

I cannot begin this morning to share all that she shared, that I learned.  I'm still learning as I run it over and over in my head and through my body.

I thought I would pass along a few thoughts that we discussed to give you something to process as well.

"Defense implies lack".  

Taken from the book she read on the plane, Art of War.  This is applicable on many levels, but basically when we defend / get defensive it is because we sense a lack of something (and thus are afraid of running out).  The universe has an abundance of what we truly need ....think about this.

"You may not take my gift but I'm not going to stop loving".  

All too often we open ourselves up to offering - a smile, a compliment, Love - and it is not returned.  Can we stay in a place of loving without hardening?

"Through self-centering, you then have more to give."  

We must strengthen ourselves, our own core first.  We can notice where we are unnecessarily holding energy - for example, tension in our shoulders - release it, and re-use that energy for more productive, loving purposes.

A short blog post to honor my swirly thoughts, hopefully I will share more later.  I move now into meditation to continue to process - and practice - all of this.


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