After the recent family emergency, we had two holiday-related family get-togethers this weekend.  Packing, travel, rush, rush, rush, laugh, converse, eat, sleep, repeat.

Beneath it all was the continued awareness of the tragedy that occurred on Friday in Connecticut (and of the similarly horrible event in China.)  An awareness I didn't have as much time to sit with as I would've liked before the kids were home, before dinner had to be made, before I had to keep moving.


There is much I want to say about it. The words still haven't found their way into coherent sentences.


What I want to offer here isn't a reflection on the situation.  I don't want to jump (yet) into the topics of gun control or mental health access or who is to blame for this horrific act.  


I want to offer silence.


I can think of little else that would benefit us more than that.  

Silence without judgment.  Silence to let tears fall and for anger to be seen for what it is.   Silence that takes us back into our places of deeper knowing.  From this place, we can participate in the change that is occurring without relying onto our habitual, comfortable reactions that have brought us to this suffering again and again.

It is asking so little - yet, for most of us, so much.


For an eloquently written perspective on this, I invite you to visit Susan Piver's blog post.


In whatever way you find it, may you be with silence today.