Simple As A Smile

Yesterday, my husband, kids and I were visiting my mom.  

I'd been sitting on the soft green couch, lost in the noises around me.  I noticed my husband and mom were getting into quite the detailed conversation about health care (both work in the field).  Naturally, the topic was a passionate one for them both (thankfully, they were agreeing).

Quite oblivious to the conversation, my 8-year old son speedily-scooted past our feet.  Playing with a Christmas train that had long-since lost its holiday significance and become a regular toy, he pushed it faster and faster to make the whistle blow louder and louder....and of course added his own puffing noises.

From so many years ago....he has long had a love for trains.


Amidst my loved one's strong words on the cost of insurance and some drug whose name I couldn't pronounce even in repetition, my daughter doing heaven-knows-what in the other room, the train whistle, the droaning news report on the t.v., the "choo-choo-choooo!",...

everything in my mind suddenly went silent as all of my attention fell on my son's smile.

The discussion at the table went on, with the proposed consequences of costs of medications becoming more and more dire.  A harsh political ad came on t.v., naming countless reasons to hate the horrible individual whose picture appeared distored in some darkened black and white image.

Back the other way my son went, the smile still as wide on his face.

And I felt at peace.

In the middle of this noise, I felt deeply at peace.


I'm not ignorant enough to think that it is all that simple.

But I'm practiced enough to know that it could be.