Soft Addictions

I recently came across this article online, talking about "kicking soft addictions"...such as the addictive impulse to check Facebook or email.

In the article, it mentions, "Some hard-to-measure addictions can snowball so slowly that by the time you realize you're in trouble, you're already in too deep, says neuroradiologist Louis M. Teresi, M.D."

And that's the thing.

Every single action has a consequence.

Every single action, thought, and inaction is another ripple in the pond.

This isn't to say that by checking Facebook after you read this, that you will become addicted to Facebook.  But it is important to pay attention to the fact that you are doing so.  

Thoughts are actions as well.  That thought you had about hating that certain part of your body?  You may drift right on past it this time, but remember....things snowball.  One thought here, one thought there and suddenly you are hating yourself.  Not a good place to be.

Take a few moments today to consider in what places in your life you might be "addicted".  In what areas do you feel as though you've lost control, or conscious input?  What can you do right now to begin to change that (if you desire to)?

Remember - every action, every thought has a consequence.  Even feeling negatively about an addiction can lead to a new addiction -- feeling badly about your own actions.  

So be gentle with yourself.

Be present.

Begin with awareness.