I never was a runner.  Nor an artist.  Nor was I confident nor wise in the ways of the world.


And then I started running.

And painting.

And believing in myself and simply Being in this world.


I don't know that if it was insanity, strength, blind determination, or simply faith...I just know that each small step made the difference.  I know that each time I put on my running shoes, each time I picked up a paint brush, and each time I spoke my own truth, I created my own reality.

And today?  I go about my small steps of picking up one toy after the next, smearing one bit of mayonnaise on the sandwich, then the next row, ...  inhale, exhale.


In honor of one small step made by my husband a few days ago, a committment made by clicking "Register" for our third year of the Indianapolis Half Marathon, I share a video I made after completing our first ever 13.1 mile event.

May it inspire you as it continues to do for me...whether it inspires you to run, paint, or simply to take the next step.

2010 Indianapolis Half Marathon from Lisa Wilson on Vimeo.