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How To Say What Needs To Be Said: Part I

Have you ever had something you wanted to express, but simply couldn't find the words?  

In many ways, words define what we can express.  If, for example, we want to describe to someone how a particular food tastes, we have to use words that we know - and, just as important, that the recipient knows.  "Hot", "spicy", "tangy", or "sweet" are words we can use to describe that type of food.  Each word still leaves room for interpretation, but we can communicate an adequate amount about the taste of the food by using those words.


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How about when we want to describe the feeling of a food, though?  Sure, the cinnamon bun might be "sweet" and "gooey", but so are the ones from the grocery store.  

What happens when we bite into a certain cinnamon bun, and the combination of the texture, the tastes, and the smells takes us back to a childhood memory when we'd arrived home from school on a particular Friday afternoon and the scent of the homemade cinnamon buns wafted up our nostrils as we swung open the door and ran inside to devour one of the most delectable cinnamon buns we'd ever had...

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