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9 Invitations for Decluttering the Dark Areas

We all have those things we ignore - often by necessity instead of by choice.


Whether it is a cluttered garage, a dark closet where the I-Don't-Know-Where-Else-To-Put-It items get shoved, or soft little thoughts that pipe up every now and then, wondering about something more, or something different than this ... 

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A Path Through (Part 2)

This is the second part of a two-part post.  

If you haven't already, read the first post, "If I Can't See the Clutter, Does It Exist"



When we stop skimming the surface of our lives, we are often astonished to find out how much is really there.  

And yet, perhaps out of fear of discovering it all, most of us never take the time to do this.  When we feel called to reduce clutter, to slow down, to begin to take creative control of our lives, to find our breath...we must begin by acknowledging the expanse of everything that exists in our days and moments.


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If I Can't See The Clutter, Does It Exist?

(This is part one of a two-part exploration)

image by andymangold

We have boxes in our garage that I haven't opened in years.  There are cups in the back of our kitchen cabinets that have held more dust than liquid.  And then there is our utility room, which contains stacks of items we meant to sell after the last big decluttering session....

When we have guests over, they never see those boxes nor cups.  As far as they are concerned, the utility room doesn't exist.  I might joke about a a pile of mail on the counter or the dust bunnies lurking under the couch, but oh my, ...if they really knew....


We go weeks at a time without thinking about that clutter.  keeping the high traffic areas in the home clean takes long enough.  And then there is the lawn, and dinner, and the kids' swim lessons at 4:30.  That pile of stuff doesn't realy matter, does it?  And yet, 

Even if it can't be seen, it still exists.  

And because it exists, it matters.

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