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3 Ways To Live A BeingBreath Life

BeingBreath is about flowing with life As It Is. But ideas such as "flow" are abstract and difficult to practice if you don't know where to start.

Here are 3 practical ways to begin (and continue) on a life on the BeingBreath path.

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Oops. What I Meant To Say Was...


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I admit it : Even I am a bit confused after reading the last post.  

And I wrote the dang thing.


(And yes, I note the irony - it being a post on "how to say what needs to be said".  What can I say - I'm a humorous gal.)

Sometimes my mind gets to thinking and it just won't stop.  And sometimes, those thoughts wind up in words on my blog.  I don't have a professional editor on staff, so those wordy posts don't get nicely trimmed.  What sounds meaningful at 11 p.m. at night as I hit the "save" button doesn't necessarily sound as powerful the next day.


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