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Being Alone

I first want to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to yesterday's post!  I can't begin to describe how freeing it felt to write it.  Knowing that others breathed easier because I did?  Yeah, I'm doing a happy dance.  We are on the path to peace....


Continuing on with the spur-of-the-moment, writing-because-I-feel-called-to celebratory practice:


Fingers poised over the keyboard, this is what I need to share:

It is hard being alone.

And I don't mean alone in the sense of no one around me.  I'm a mother to two school-age children and a wife to a loving husband and a caretaker of an old dog who snores VERY loudly and likes to pee in rooms when the doors have been left open.  

I don't mean alone in the sense of no one understanding me.  I was blessed to begin to connect with people many years ago around the world who resonated with LifeUnity, who continue to journey with me through Being Breath.  Oh, you mindfully creative adventurers you - I hear you.  We are hand-in-hand in this.  I am SO grateful for you.

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