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The Wilderness of Being

You are an unbelievably complex being, living this unbelievably complex thing called life, all within an unbelievably complex universe.

As you piece it all together, day after day, you create this unbelievably complex thing called "reality".

And each day, because it is all simply too vast, you choose which tiny parts of this complex existence you give your precious and limited attention to. Choosing actually creates this thing you call your reality - one tiny choice at a time.

The more attention you give to one part of your being today, the more likely you are to give attention to that same part tomorrow....

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Marketing and Ickiness: Now What?

I loved the thoughtful responses to the original post on marketing techniques.

One person on Facebook said that he'd love to see another post on "what comes next" - meaning, I assume, where we are to go from here.  

I LOVE that he asked this.  

I thought for quite awhile, trying to come up with some tips and techniques and suggestions as to new ways of marketing, things that we can use instead of the icky ways.

But I realized: This is probably exactly how those icky ways started.

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How To Be Creative

It is easy to get stuck in our thinking of how we are supposed to be creative.

Particularly in online circles, we begin to see similar types of art or phrases or colors or patterns.  Albeit unconsciously, others try to match their creative expression to the types of art or people they see as successful.

Too often, the same types of art are churned out - copy after copy.

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