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The Wilderness of Being

You are an unbelievably complex being, living this unbelievably complex thing called life, all within an unbelievably complex universe.

As you piece it all together, day after day, you create this unbelievably complex thing called "reality".

And each day, because it is all simply too vast, you choose which tiny parts of this complex existence you give your precious and limited attention to. Choosing actually creates this thing you call your reality - one tiny choice at a time.

The more attention you give to one part of your being today, the more likely you are to give attention to that same part tomorrow....

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The Questions of Business and Life

There are questions, questions, and more questions.

Instead of pretending we have the answers, or even trying to package the questions in pretty little quotes overlaying photos, why don't we just blurt them out?  

Let's all admit we don't have a damn clue what we are doing.

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