Thankful for What Is

While I'm officially late to acknowledge Thanksgiving, it is never too late to be thankful.

Right now, as I return to the computer from a busy few days, I reflect on all that has happened recently.  Everything that has brought me to right here, right now.  Everything that has allowed me to live in this moment of gratitude. 



I am thankful for a family that (despite the reluctance) continues to run with me.  I am deeply thankful that our son has joined us this year on our family tradition (Drumstick Dash on thanksgiving morning).

My brother and sister, myself, my husband, and our son post-race

I am thankful for foggy drives through the park that re-awaken my sense of wonder and immerse me in magical realities.


I am thankful for family - even when family isn't the first thing on their mind.


I am thankful for warm days that allow us one more chance to go down the slide... 

and a perfect day to search for the perfect Christmas tree.


(With breaks built in.)


I am thankful for an abundant local farmers market

and music to shop by (from the talented Tuba Santas).


I am thankful for soft and fuzzy reindeer


and family so absolutely stinkin' adorable.


I'm thankful for dads who love their daughters.



I am thankful for people who volunteer their time and love (especially when it brings immense joy to our children).


I am thankful for the ongoing fascination and exploration of children.  (She found a berry that fell off of a tree and decided to plant it to see what would happen.) 


And I am so thankful for time just to be.


May we all continue to find moments in the mundane for which to be thankful.


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