The Blessing of Discomfort


I had a thought while running this morning, in 84 degree F weather, when the wind had decided to stop and the sun decided to swell in full glory.  Mildly uncomfortable.

A not-so-accurate portrayal of running.

Thinking about 8 years ago today when I was in the hospital, hours away from delivering my first beautiful son.  Mildly uncomfortable.  (Ok, perhaps a bit more than mild.)

Happy Birthday beautiful boy.


I believe at the end, we are all comfortable.  No matter how we depart this life, I believe we experience a blissful comfort in the final moments.  A deep release.

We all strive for that comfort, but perhaps we should be embracing this bit of mild discomfort.  We are fortunate to be able to experience it.


It means we are still here to feel it.

It means we are still running.

It means we are still alive.