The Creative Process

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Painted on translucent fabric backed by paper

Fabric hanging in window

It doesn't matter what I create if it isn't really me creating it.

If doesn't matter what I create if it is me creating it.

This stuff we cling to - results, outcomes, goals, expectations - are just as impermanent as our excitement when they are reached.  We look for what's next, what is somehow better.

This stuff we create throughout our days - our habits, our thoughts, our art, our way of running or brushing our teeth - who is creating it?  

Are you at all present in the process?  Or are you lost in thoughts of the past or what needs to be done or formulating the next project?  Are you lost in fears of inadequacy or "not-enoughness" or comparison?  Do you trust yourself?

I move in and out of awareness of my role in this creation.  I get pulled into the rip-tides of fear that I should be doing something different - whatever it is I'm doing -

or that the art I'm creating isn't near good enough to sell - even though I'm not creating it to sell -

or that the run I'm doing is not fast enough - though there is no one against whom I am competing

or that I don't have enough structure in my life - even though my to-do list is pages long.

But all of this...the outcomes, the fears...they don't matter.

If I am not present in the creation of my children's day, or in my body as I pose on the yoga mat, or with my senses as I slice the food...the creation will be as lost as my thoughts and will float away just as quickly.

If I AM present in the creation of my art piece, or with my breath as I type these words, or with the brisk wind as I step outside....the final creation doesn't matter.  

The creative process itself brings me alive.

May you be present in the creation of your moments.