The Dance of Creation


Mixed media painting on unstretched canvas (Lisa W)

Will you dance with me

in this ever-flowing sea

of being?


Dare you listen

for the rhythm

that beats heavy, so heavy,

so heavy that we feel it

in our soul?


We are guided

to create

to dance with the experience

of creation


The sea flows without

our permission

The wind blows without

our guidance


Creation happens

and individually

we decide

if we want to create

or be created


or perhaps both.


Ah, time is so swift

that I?

I choose to dance.

"The Dance of Creation" was done over several hours while reflecting on the nature of "reality".  I interspersed moments of yoga-like movement when I felt stuck.

It started on a rough-cut piece of canvas.

From there, I simply painted layer by layer.  (Heeding the lessons of Fearless Painting.)

Details were added near the end, including glitter and "jewels", stitched edging, beads, and a bamboo hanging piece.

May it serve to remind us both of the beautiful, ongoing dance with creation - one of which we are intimately a part.