The Dance of Duality

It began as a need to create.

I decided to model a technique that Rae Missigman had modeled for us through 21 Secrets Live! - scraping paint across the paper.

And for the first time in awhile, I needed to MOVE.  This type of creativity needed energy, coming up through my legs, circulating my torso, and rushing out through my arms.

For those who know my creative style, if I think too long about how to do something or need to find the materials to do so, I'll often just quit.  As I felt the creative urge and the need to move arise, I quickly glanced around and noticed that the kitchen was my best option to allow for both a mess and movement.


Step by step it went from there, layers of acrylic paint, pencil doodles, and sharpie marker.  Watercolor pencils, more paints....

Slowly, she emerged.

The final piece:


Duality Dancer, 11x15 on watercolor paper, acrylic and mixed media

She opens, 

between warm light and cool dark

between passion and lethargy

between frantic movement and stillness

between those feelings of guilt and release

between wanting to do this and needing to do that

between caring for herself and caring for other

And she is


She warns - do not try to be me

for the me you see

is not who i am

This perfect face of BALANCE

is unattainable

Do not focus on what you see

but what you feel

for when I move

I have no face

I am not

There is the dance

and that is all


*Prints are available for $30 + s/h.  Please CONTACT ME for more information!