The Little Things

I've found that life feels much more pleasant when you allow time for the little things.

A bedtime story.

An extra long bath.

An early morning walk.

A warm tea enjoyed without a smartphone or computer screen competing for your attention.

As I continue to finish details on the WITH THIS BREATH program, I find myself being called to the little things. I have a feeling it is because I am designing it in the way that I want you to experience it.

I started with needing a folder. I felt called to have recycled paper folders, so I purchased those. And when they arrived, they felt good...but not complete.

I sketched designs, looked for stamps, thought about printing...and finally had that creative aha

Not-exactly-precise measurements here and there, tiny cuts in delightfully textured fabric, delicate guidance through the sewing machine, a few pencil sketches and then fancifully written text in white ink ...

and finally, it felt complete.


It is just one part of a much larger program, but it is ONE part. One complete part.

A little folder with a little pocket, filled with many other little guides and goodies, a little happiness as I designed it, and hopefully a little more joy when you receive it.

The little things.

They matter.

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