The Purpose Of The Braid: A Mystery

Everything can be a meditation.


I often wear a small, single braid in my hair.  While it serves a purpose in keeping some hair out of my face and is a bit fun as a fashion statement, those reasons are not why I do it.

My braid is a meditation.  The process, an invitation - the result, a reminder.

When I braid my hair, I find three words to accompany the three strands.  I repeat these words as I cross and weave the strands, somewhat like chanting a mantra.  When finished, I have an ever-present reminder of those words.  Each time I feel the braid against my cheek, I am taken into the creation of the braid and the intentions set while forming it.

I never really "choose" the three words...usually they just come to me.  I've used words such as love, compassion, peace, fearlessness, etc.

The other day, I had three words come to me that I have used ever since then as a "braiding mantra".  



The Unknown.

The soul being our body, the material, the sensual aspects of our world.  The spirit being emotions, breath, creative juice, divine presence.  Both Spirit and Soul are necessary to acknowledge for us to feel completely alive.  We delve into the delicious sensual nature our human body permits us and swim with the offerings of the spirit.

But what struck me the most was acknowledging the Unknown.  

What if it was expected that mystery was part of our lives?  

What if we were supposed to have components of our lives that were mysterious, wondrous, simply unknown?  What if we allowed these things to remain a mystery (not feeling as though we had to figure them out, to KNOW) ....because mystery is just as crucial to our sense of vitality as the very body we inhabit and breath we breathe....


Perhaps today you may find one or two or three words that you can carry with you.  

Perhaps today you can create a reminder so that these words do not get lost in the noise of existence.

Perhaps today you may search for mystery in your life....for what is unknown...and simply let it remain as such.



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