This Isn't About You.

This isn't about running.  It is, but it isn't.

I could tell you how running is about awareness.

Awareness of why you run and how you run.

I could share a story: While I was running on the treadmill this morning, I had to use every perspective I could imagine to keep myself going.  Positive thinking came to my rescue countless times.  I thought about running at the upcoming triathlon:


  • What if I'm near the back of the group?  (Well at least you aren't last - you can cheer for that person when you finish!)




  • What if I'M the last one?  (You will have so many people cheering for you and so proud that YOU did this and finished!)




  • What if I'm just stuck in the middle of the group?  (Your first triathlon and you are keeping up with the group?  Outstanding!)


But you know what?  If you aren't a runner, none of this matters.  If you aren't interested in running, don't see the point, have limitations that prevent you from doing it, or simply don't want to try, this entire post and the value of it will slip right past you.

So this isn't about running.


It's about your life.  Well, it is and it isn't.

I could tell you about how life is about awareness.

Awareness of how you are living and in many ways, why.

I could share a story of how changing your awareness changes everything.  How I'm in the middle of a book on quantum mechanics (something that previously seemed "eh" but vaguely interesting).  How the way it is written ties the views into Buddhism, how it provides a new language for my scientific mind to discuss "unity".

But you know what?  If you aren't interested in living any differently than you are now, none of this will matter.  If you don't care about changing your mental state or the world around you, figure you aren't able to change anything, or simply would rather go to work and just let that-be-that, this isn't going to make any difference.  The words will appear before your eyes and seem trite or trivial, simply of no importance to you.

So this isn't about your life.


In fact, this is or isn't about anything you want it to be about (or not).  


You decide how to interpret what you see and read and experience.  You decide what is valuable.  You decide what is worth your attention and what is to be ignored.  You decide - every.single.moment - where you want your awareness to fall and how you want to act upon that.

You can run or not.  You can read about quantum mechanics or not.  You can practice yoga, paint, or watch t.v. for hours and get drunk until you pass out.  Of course everything has consequences.  But you decide the world in which you want to live.

Because how you are is how the world is.  You are the only one you control.  If you want to live in a peaceful world, start with the violent thoughts in your head.  If you want to be surrounded by supportive people, start by believing in yourself.  You are both the center of the universe and simply a drop of water in it.

This whole life thing?

Is isn't really about you.  It is...but it isn't.



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