Thoughts Behind The Image

How do I choose what to share when there is so much to be said and shown?

I've done 4 paintings since my last post, around 1.5 hours of meditation, an hour or so of yoga...and what arises from all of that is enough to keep these posts filled for months.

This morning we are going to take advantage of the break in the rain and walk a trail by our home.  I may post later today (breaking rules once again), but for now I will let pictures speak for me.

These are the sort of things I've contemplated in the past few days.

Where are all these people now?  As we casually stroll over the title of their story, are they living out their dramas, or their romances, or have their books been closed?


The area fenced off as they restore the monument, aestethically pleasing water cascades beyond.  Yet in the foreground, the trash piled high.  How often do we attend to what is beautiful and forget what is not?  How long can we afford to keep living in this false comfort?  It is not sustainable for our earth nor our souls.


Sometimes you just have to peek beyond the rules to discover the mysteries that reside only in wonder.


If you always look where you are "supposed" to look (for example, at the camera), there's a lot you might miss.


Whether it is in an hour, this evening, or tomorrow....Until the next time that my thoughts and the keyboard meet,



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