Three HUGE announcements!

There is SO much going on I just have to put it all in one place.  


I have donated a $250 Encaustic/Mixed Media painting for my dear friend Kathy's Blogaversary-apooloza over at Bliss Habits.  You can WIN THIS PAINTING!



Head over to my guest post (which, if I may say, is worth reading as well...) and you'll see instructions on how to enter at the bottom of the post.  (Hint: It as simple as a comment!)

Then take some time to peruse the rest of the site where there are over $1500 in prizes up for grabs and tons of insightful wisdom being shared!!

Note: You can see more photos of the painting and learn more about the story behind it HERE.



I am deeply honored to have been asked to be interviewed by Mark Lipinski for his internet radio show, Creative Mojo.

Creative Mojo, "was chosen by as one of the Internet's five most motivational webcasts and was a featured podcast on The entire premise of the show is to spotlight creativity and the creative process and has a following of roughly 40,000-plus listeners."

Mark himself is an enthusiastic and fabulous person!  Take a look at what he's done!  (If you click on that link, you'll understand why I'm so honored to be talking to such an individual.)

We'll be discussing Awareness Arts and a few more surprising things THIS WEDNESDAY, MAY 16th.  His show is from 3-5 p.m. EST.  (I'll be on somewhere around 3:20ish)

You can Go HERE ( ) to listen live OR subscribe to his podcast over at ITunes (highly recommended - I'm LOVING the interviews he does!) and hear my lovely voice anytime.

(You can also read more about my reaction at my previous post.)



If all of that wasn't enough, I'm also honored to be a contributor to Sprout Magazine!!  I'm sure most of my readers are already familiar with Sprout, but in case you aren't (you should be):

Sprout is a monthly, online magazine chock full of color and inspiration.  Amanda has explored such topics as creativity and abundance, and this month moves her way into ADVENTURE!  (You can explore more, including previous issues, HERE: (

To explore / order Issue #7: ADVENTURE, click HERE.  

(Karma Note: Affiliate link.  Help me afford to keep making these encaustic paintings!!)



Thank you to ALL of you for your ongoing support.  I am thrilled at all that is aligning right now and continue to remain humbly in awe.