Time To Weep


In response to yesterday's tragedy of those lost on Flight MH17, I have found my breath shortened.

I think not only of those lost (and now, as I learn, the wisdom of several top AIDS researchers gone as well), those family and friends whose suffering must be nearly unbearable - but also of those who fired. Those who prepared and made the decisions that led an action of murder.

And I don't want retaliation. I want crying. I want tears. I want all of us to sit down and collectively WEEP and sob and shake our heads as we stammer, "how could it come to this"?

NO ONE wants this. I firmly believe that - those that lost family members and those that took their lives. Beyond the confusion and resulting anger, no one wants this senseless fighting. 

As I continue my contemplations and decisions of how I will act, I offer a prayer:

May we all pause, FEEL, sense our disbelief and anger, and find a greater peace beneath it all from which our next actions will emerge.