Today, I will move even though I don't feel like it.  I acknowledge my pains and move with them, not in spite of them.

Today, I will rest even though I feel like moving.  I acknowledge my illness and permit it space to move through instead of squeezing it into my schedule.

Today, I will smile.  I acknowledge the beauty in myself that wants to flow out and the beauty in others that wants to be seen.

Today, I will breathe.  Fully.  I acknowledge my body, provide it with the energy it needs, and release all that it does not.

Today, I will be grateful.  I acknowledge that troubles are only such because I expect life to be otherwise, and that all experience has value.

Today, I will practice.  I know that I will yell when I want to breathe, ignore when I want to acknowledge, and even forget to practice.  Until I remember.  I acknowledge even practice is a practice.

Today, I will be.

For I do not have today to waste.



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