Unexpect Life


You have to stop taking everything so seriously.

I'm serious.


Stop expecting and then getting disappointed.  Very little will turn out how you expected it to.

Consider that a blessing!

Again and again, you are given the opportunity to experience something new.  Something unexpected.  To live each moment fresh and awake.


For those creatives out there?  (For those who will admit to it.)  

This includes your art.


Remember yesterday's mention of that sudden late-night inspiration?  For whatever reason, I knew how to finish a piece that had been sitting on my desk for quite awhile.

And it CERTAINLY wasn't what I expected.

But when the creative muse comes calling...and giggling in between whispers...I know to listen.


Consider this a reminder for us both: Not everything has to make sense.  


6"x6", encaustic on wood 


And sometimes when the unexpected doesn't make sense?  Well, it's just more fun.

What better way to live...