Use What You Have

Creativity doesn't have to be difficult. It doesn't have to be carried out with $10 / tube paints, fancy dance clothes, or only after 10 weeks of drawing lessons.

You start where you are.

You start with what you have.

Creativity has a funny way of blossoming on its own from there.

Recently, I've been on a creative explosion...grabbing anything and everything and just playing. I'm not going to my tried-and-true materials; rather, digging deep in my stash of forgotten materials - the scrap papers, trinkets, and tools that were purchased or saved once-upon-a-time. (I might've even dipped into the recylcling bin once or twice.)

I've not been sharing this because I wanted to focus more on the process than any outcome. But the longer I play, the more confident I feel on the journey. The more I create (quite wonderously) - the less I feel attached to the product and the more I am fascinated by it.

I share to encourage you to do the same.

Join me on this journey.

It is a journey of presence. Being present with what is calling.

It is a journey of silence. Not necessarily of outer silence, but of inner silence - drifting along and not hearing the thoughts of, "I can't do this", " I should be doing something else".

It is a journey of movement. Responding to that calling. Getting up, grabbing, gluing, moving, dancing, bending to see the undersides, standing on tip-toes to peek over the top. Sitting down, reaching, stretching.

It is a journey of breath.Flowing from one material to the next without questioning why, just as we don't question why we are breathing.

Here is one project that emerged.

JournalArt_Indecision_2014-07-15 11.56.33.jpg

Paint samples, leftover from years of painting and repainting and changing my mind about the colors around our house. Cut, placed, glued, bordered with a simple Sharpie marker.

I call this piece, "Indecision".

What do you have around you? What do you have within?

Respond to the calling.